Apoyo Clean Up

October 15th and 16th, the staff here at the Apoyo Cultural Center participated in the Marena-coordinated Lake Apoyo clean up effort.

Mark McKaye, assistant director and SCUBA instructor, helped lead a team of divers into the lake to scour the shallows, pick up littered trash and shoot some footage of the current state of the Lake. He also got some video of Caleb, a visiting student, researching the local fish, and Lara, head director at the Center helping in the district-wide effort to help maintain the reserve’s still beautiful landscap, despite the local and tourist population’s tendency to disregard the long-lasting consequences of inefficiently disposing of non-compostable garbage.

We want to help communicate to those who live in and visit Lake Apoyo that keeping the area clean will help the Lake remain the thing of beauty that it is today, so we invited the children who attend the local public school, many of whom attend our three-day-a-week English day camp, to come help us in our efforts. The children were very enthusiastic and turned the project into a competition to see what group could pick up the most trash.

Then we got the job of sorting the trash, recyclable bottles, and compostable garbage, which the children seemed equally enthused about. Overall we had a great time helping the rangers, military and other ecological centers keep our home looking pristine and supporting the long-term beauty of the thriving wildlife and communities here in the jungle and beneath the water’s surface.